National Public Media Award Winner!

The Kitchenistas film received the national Public Media Award (PMA) in the Independent Producer category by National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA), which for 54 years has recognized public media’s achievements across the nation’s PBS and public TV stations.  The feature film was selected by 10 film festivals, received 4 festival awards, and has screened to audiences across San Diego county (our hometown), the U.S., MX, and globally.  More extraordinary reviews below from public viewers, prominent medical professionals, culinary medicine experts, chefs, non-profit leaders, and media. Check out our Press Kit !

A few highlights from experts included below. Be sure to click the “plus” (+) to see the full highlight:

"An Empowering film!"

Gigi Tsontos
Executive Director, California Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and California Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation

“An empowering film! Ladies who are professionals in their communities and families….transforming lives. Thank you for bringing this film to our California Academy community, and thank you for your partnership! I have so enjoyed working in the background. Your team made the Live broadcast and Q&A so special! You all are truly inspirational, and this is going to make a big impact in our world!”


"We witness the creation of advocates and leaders, and the swelling of pride."

Dr. Linda W. Shiue
Physician, Chef, Teaching Kitchen Founder Director of Culinary Medicine and Author of Spicebox Kitchen

“The Kitchenistas is a gorgeously filmed documentary with heartfelt storytelling and compelling story lines. The program alone is truly inspiring. But the documentary conveys more than that; it is a story of empowerment, community building, and sisterhood. The food is mouthwatering and the benefits that each Kitchenista gains as she proceeds through the program transcend mere cooking skills and nutrition knowledge. We witness the creation of advocates and leaders, and the swelling of pride. I enjoyed every moment of this film.”


"Viva las Kitchenistas!"

Dr. Michelle Hauser
Clinical Associate Professor, Stanford University, School of Medicine

“A wonderful, touching film on a topic of international importance—getting back to our roots, and back to the kitchen to improve the health of our families and our communities. As a physician I see patients every day with medical conditions due to unhealthy diet. In medical school, we’re taught the pill for each ill. What’s historically been missing is addressing the root causes of disease. As a chef, I know the importance of delicious food and gathering to celebrate over food—these are staples of every culture. Where the magic happens is when you empower people by getting them into the kitchen for hands-on experience learning about, preparing, and sharing delicious foods, highlighting the best of cultural food traditions, that also promote health, wellbeing, and vitality—this is culinary medicine and community advocacy. This is what makes the Cooking for Salud program lifechanging. Viva las Kitchenistas!”

"The Mexican way around the food is simply delicious..."

Chef Iliana De la Vega
Co-Owner and Chef, El Naranjo Restaurant, Austin TX

“It is so inspiring to see the great work of “the Kitchenistas”, to reevaluate the importance of a good meal — that is a healthy meal that does not have to be expensive or complicated. The idea of creating community to share and enjoy it is so important. And doing it in the Mexican way around the food is simply delicious, as memories associated with food linger for a long time.”

"Cooking with a positive, cheerful, and gratitude attitude..."

Dr. Jorge Castillo
Maxillofacial Surgeon & Chef, Coordinadora de Formación Básica de Escuela de Ciencias de la Salud Ensenada Campus Valle Dorado Universidad Autónoma de Baja California

“Gracias a los Kitchenistas recordamos que la seguridad alimentaria es un camino virtuoso y responsabilidad de todos nosotros. “Thanks to the Kitchenistas we remember, food security is a virtuous path and responsibility of all of us.” Los Kitchenistas “cocinando con actitud positiva, alegre y de gratitud, eso se ve y se transmite a tu entorno”. “Los Kitchenistas is cooking with a positive, cheerful, and gratitude attitude that is seen and transmitted to your surroundings.”

"Inspiring, authentic, vibrant..."

Dr. Helen Delichatsios
Assistant Professor & Nutrition Educator, Harvard Medical School
Primary Care Physician, MGH Beacon Hill

“Inspiring, authentic, vibrant, delicious. The Kitchenistas illustrates how Culinary Medicine initiatives can transform a community and secure a legacy of health.”

"Kitchenistas are those healthy social connections we need..."

Dra. Fabiola Flores Monsivais
MD Internal Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine Diplomate
Coordinadora de Formación Básica de Escuela de Ciencias de la Salud Ensenada Campus Valle Dorado Universidad Autónoma de Baja California

“Kitchenistas are those healthy social connections we need to reconnect to our heritage while learning to take care of ourselves.”

“Los Kitchenistas son esas conexiones sociales saludables que te reconectan con tus raíces mientras aprendes a cuidar tu alimentación.”

"Through the film we learn how the empowerment of households..."

Dr. Janet Boguslaw
PhD, Senior Scientist
Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University

“Through the film we learn how the empowerment of households through accurate and accessible information, hands on practice, development of ownership and leadership skills, and strengthened networks produce important outcomes for individuals, households, and a stronger voice for all.”

Thank you to the numerous public health and community partners who are supporting us with educational outreach.

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