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Mary Ann Beyster

Director and Producer

Mary Ann is an author, producer, and publisher of educational programs about individuals who make the world a better place. Her works have been distributed and broadcasted by Films Media Group, Aspen Institute’s Business and Society Program, John Wiley & Sons, Amazon, and PBS among others.

Mary Ann is the executive producer of the award-winning documentary film, We the Owners, about three employee owned "best places to work" companies that make shared ownership and social impact a significant part of their strategy.  

As a supporter of a healthy San Diego, Mary Ann initiated the Kitchenistas film project and, through her personal interviews and vision created an incredibly strong portrayal of women who have taken upon themselves to solve a problem that is one of country’s top social issues. See Director's Statement


David Romero

Director of Photography, Editor

David is founder of Eddie Grace Media Arts & Film, and began his study of film, writing and production at San Diego State University. His professional career spans across multiple media fields, which has included script writing, music production and documentary films. He has helped to design and direct numerous film-based creative and educational programs, along with various musical projects as a producer, vocalist and songwriter.

David is the director of the award-winning documentary film, We the Owners. 

Born in San Diego, David spent his formative years in and around National City, California, developing a passion for capturing stories of his community. His camera work and editing captures the cast’s sincerity with great respect.